Tara Daniel and Associates

Company Background

In 1995, after identifying a need within the marketplace for the provision of a service that was measured by its integrity, quality and consistency, Tara Daniel founded her first recruitment agency, Tara Daniel & Associates (TDA). The agency focused exclusively in the IT and telecommunications arena.


TDA was quickly recognised for practising the above, gaining preferred supplier status with high profile organisations such as Singtel Optus and forming long term, ongoing relationships with both clients and candidates.


In 2000 TDA was sold, then re-formed in 2003.


TDA Values

TDA is committed to providing the best possible solution for both client and candidates by practicising the following values:-


  • TDA contact with Clients and Candidates is of a professional and non-intrusive manner.
  • TDA is committed to attracting and retaining the services of loyal, reliable, and professional contracting staff.
  • TDA endeavours to provide consistent and honest evaluation of Candidate’s skills, qualifications and ability to ensure “best-fit” with the Clients requirements.
  • TDA treats all candidates fairly and on an equal basis throughout the recruitment process, by complying with the appropriate legislation and accepted standards.
  • TDA maintains communication with both Client and Candidate throughout the recruitment process.
  • TDA relationships with Clients and Candidates are based on integrity and honesty.



TDA has offices in Sydney Australia and Auckland New Zealand